This is GameTime proposal.  Notice that the price does not include ferry fee, so we will have to add that fee to the quote.

There is a Phase 2 which will include the excercise, musical and additional swings.  We can speed up that purchase by having local donations purchase them this year.  

Phase 2 Below

Harmonic Chimes, set of 3 $5,112

Concert Duo   Melody Chimes   Harmonic Chimes, Set of 3

$4,858                   $7,580                          $5,112          


Saucer Swing


Solo Swing with Tot Seat


Lady Bug Spring Rider    Deco Spring Rider

$2,511                           $2,842

Cardio Walker      Recumbent Cycle   Assisted Step Trainer

$6,390                 $7,264                           $6,921