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Songbird Banding Project 
 Jones Preserve

Spring and fall songbird banding activities take place at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s Jones Preserve located at the end of Monaghan Road (past Camp Patmos). The banding station is behind the gate to Long Point. This is a restricted preserve, so visitors must stay with a banding staff member at all times. Since there is limited area behind the gate, parking is for staff only, Also, there is private property beyond the preserve, so please be respectful of vehicles driving through and keep the drive clear. Parking is available about 100 yards before the gate and marked. Please park there and walk to the station. No pets around the nets, please.

Coordinates: 41.6167 N 082.6800 W
Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Jones Preserve
(at the end of Monaghan Road behind gate)

Owl banding begins around the 15th of October and continues nightly until November 22 (weather permitting). There are three banding locations for owl capture but all owl banding is done at the Scheele Preserve on Monaghan Road just north of Airline Road. Please do not park directly across the road as this is private property. There is marked parking to the south of the Scheele Preserve on both sides of the road.

Tom Bartlet

H. Thomas Bartlett (Federal Permit # 21624)
1833 South Winfield Drive
Tiffin, Ohio 44883
(419) 447-0005
567-278-2300 or 419-937-6255


Bird Banding Schedule

Location and  information on the Kelleys Island Preserves can be found HERE

Songbird banding begins ½ hour before sunrise and usually ends mid-afternoon. It is at the CMNH’s Jones Preserve (end of Monaghan Road). Owl banding begins just after sunset at the Scheele Preserve (on Monaghan Road)

Spring 2023 Kelleys Island Banding Schedule

April 22- Set-up Day

April 23-27- Banding 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM

April 28- Banding 6:00 AM to noon

April 28 Take down nets and equipment afternoon

May 20- Evening set-up

May 21-26 Banding 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM

May 28-31 Banding 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM

June 1 Banding 6:00 to 2:00 PM

June 2 Banding 6:00 AM to noon

June 2 Take down nets and equipment afternoon

October 13th-31st-Songbird Banding 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM, Owl Banding Sunset to ???

November 1st-15th- Songbird Banding 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM

November 1st-21st- Owl Banding Sunset to ???

November 3rd-5th- Kelleys Island Owl Festival

December 1st-17th- Feeder Banding /North Pond Banding TBD, Owl Banding TBD

December 17th- Lake Erie Islands Christmas Bird Count, Owl Banding Sunset to ???

To download the Fall 2023  Bird Banding Schedule for Kelleys Island, Middle Bass and South Bass,  Click Here

Noah with Bird

Kelleys Island Banding Totals 1996-2022

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Birds of Lake Erie Islands 2022 Check sheet.

Bird Banding 2022 Full Report

Click the following link to download the 2022 Full Report.

Highlights of 2021 Bird Banding Season

Kelleys Island
2021 marked the 26th year of the bird/banding avian research project on Kelleys Island conducted by Tom and Paula Bartlett, and with the continued pandemic, followed similar rules to 2020 however with a little more public involvement. The Bartletts, along with their assistants, banded almost 3029 individual birds from 84 species in 2020. In the fall owl banding sessions, 122 Northern Saw-whet Owls and 3 Eastern Screech Owls were banded. For the 2021 banding year, no new species were added to the island’s list. Uncommonly banded birds included five Red-bellied Woodpeckers, two White-eyed Vireo, three Fox Sparrow, a Northern Waterthrush, four Orange-crowned Warbler, three Connecticut Warblers, and three Rose-breasted Grosbeak. On October 22, Tom banded a Northern Saw-whet Owl at the Scheele Preserve, his 100,000th bird banded since he began banding birds in 1971. Then on November 3rd, they banded their 1000th Northern Saw-whet Owl on the island. To date, 23,704 birds of 122 species have been banded by the team on Kelleys Island.
We ask members and visitors to respect and follow the protocols for visitors to the stations in 2021, as they become known. We know that the banding station will be open to visitors in 2022 but with some restrictions. Check the KIAC website, our Facebook page, or Tom’s personal FB page at “KI Birder” for the latest information as the year progresses. The KIAC would like to express our deep appreciation for the tireless efforts of Tom and Paula Bartlett over these many years. They are truly an “Island Treasure”!
At banding, see the migrating, neo-tropical songbirds and owls up close and personal.
Meet at the Jones Preserve, Long Point, the north end of Monagan Road for songbirds and Scheele Preserve on Monaghan Road for owls.

Click Here to download the Springville Marsh Banding Dates.

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